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As a kid, I was often found with crayons, pencils, markers or paints in hand. Since the days of real cutting and real pasting, I've been designing graphics. From creating editorial cartoons for my local paper to producing happy hour signs for the neighborhood bar to designing web pages and graphics to painting my own "nuevo southwestern" pieces to working up a gift doll box, I've had the pleasure of creating art.

In 1997, a friend who knew i was computer-savvy asked me to set up and manage his eBay business. Two million in sales later, I did my own eBay sales and then specialized in designing templates and stores for my fellow eBay sellers.

These days I mostly paint - wearable art such as denim and leather jackets, shoes and purses, as well as on canvas and wood.

I love the symbols and colors of the Southwest, where I've made my home since the mid seventies. The folk art of Native American and Mexican cultures inspire me as do the deserts, mountains, flora and fauna.

While I create pieces which I make up, I also paint custom items in my Tucson studio.